Cheers: Here’s to the wandering life.

I don’t think I’m a particularly fantastic person, but I happen to find myself in fantastic situations. I think part of me finds some kind of sick joy in making life extremely difficult at times. But the choices I make, or decide not to make, often lead to unforgettable encounters with people and places on this blue and green sphere. My decisions vary between rash and unplanned to years in the making. Together, the unintentional and the crafted, the reckless and the wary, balance out on on my Libra scale, creating a life that has forced me to believe in karma.

I’m going to continue to make ill-advised, sometimes regretful, choices because after all this time it seems to be in my nature. My goal now is to focus on the outcome of these decisions, whether it be positively or negatively influencing, and analyze the meaning to learn from the experience. And learning is always beneficial. I’m not going to try to be an all the time do gooder or seek perfection, because I’m simply not that person. I have a temper and a kindness; I am compassionate and unsympathetic. I will continue to make questionable choices until the day I die. Those questions will lead to answers bigger than me or my problems. Somehow, at the end of the week, the scale evens out, and I’m left with these amazing stories on both ends. So here’s to the vagabond vida, to the wandering life.