Sick in Seoul: Not enough to make me sick of Seoul.

I have been back in Seoul for a week.

When I was here during the summer it was hot, a kind of hot you only see in cities.

Pavement, skyscrapers, cars, mix with gas, pollution, and humidity. You can feel the hot stick to your skin in a miserable way. 95F in a city is much different than 95F in Alabama. I love the hottness of Alabama summers. But in Seoul, some days are hard to bear.

But that was then. It’s January now. And it’s cold.

It is enough to make my nose run faster than my body can. Eating spicy sauce from the falafel shop definitely did not help. I spent the night sneezing and woke up with a crusty Rudolf nose. Cute, right?

Despite facing the coldest temperatures I have ever been in, I am so happy to be here.

My background of beaches in December and sundresses in January and travels mainly in the summers have definitely not prepared me for negative temperatures…celcius or ferinheight.

Tomorrow will be the coldest weather I have ever seen. – 16 C and – 20 F, for whichever poison you relate to more.

How I plan to deal while I am sick and having to bear the weather for work?

Well, first off, I am stronger than I thought I would be when it comes to bearing the cold.

I was more prepared than I imagined I would be.

I’ve been wearing a base layer, sweater stockings and a tank.

And then I wear wool socks and pants and a long sleeved shirt.

Next, I have one a really good vest topped with my jacket.

Last comes my beanie, scarf, gloves, and mask.

All together, I am comfortable enough to walk for several hours in the city.

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