My Korean Breakfast: Banana with Earl Gray jam on rye toast accompanied by a cold winter morning

A warm rising sun heats the sky.

I want to use this post to showcase my current favorite things at home and a winter morning for me living in Seoul, South Korea.

Shall we begin?

It’s 8:00 am, I go outside to see if the world has changed over night.

To my surprise, it has. There is a light layer of snow covering the ground, dotted with morning foot steps and lined with tire tracks, leaving trails of the early risers behind.

The power lines drip drops onto the snow to add their small touch to the designs beneath me.

A women across from me is hunched over as she is sweeping the snow from in front of her home with a tiny broom.

I don’t imagine I will be doing the same.

The church and the tower reign above the town through the misty morning.

Birds play in my land lady’s trees, hopping from one snowy branch to another dripping wet branch rather than the usual perching. Kai, her dog, is no where to be seen, hiding in the warmth, I suppose.

Snow dusts the evergreen, still with his leaves through the negative temperatures, ever always green. Unlike the neighbor tree with her brown branches changing her look for the winter months. I think they pair nicely with complementary characteristics.

Her potted plants beneath me have a new decorative look, white circles of different sizes line her balcony.

I’m left wondering what plants used to thrive in the pots. Will they come back? Time shall be the storyteller here.

It’s cold today, but not as cold as yesterday. I think the snow will melt before I return from work.

Time for coffee and a meal.

Shout out to:

the fruit vendor in the 어가리

아라파파 and their Earl Grey jam

& Maybell Bakery for the rye bread.

Cheers world ♡

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