International Kitchen: Smørrebrød of the Day | Egg Seaweed Toast spiced with Gunpowder and Sriracha

Smørrebrød of the Day | Egg Seaweed Toast spiced with Gunpowder and Sriracha

Ever since I learned how to make cheese toast in the microwave when I was five, I’ve been inspired to create unique blends of toasts with toppings.

Indulge my less than experienced chef skills as I demonstrate how to create unheard of flavors in whatever kitchen I have access to.

Today I’m living in Seoul with a tiny kitchen in my tiny flat. It has all the bells and whistles except for a stove, but I get by without one.

I would say these Smørrebrøds are easy to make or cheap, but that’s not always the case.

What they are, however, is creative and probably questionable to the average tastebud.

But let it serve mainly as mixing or cultural palettes and creative eating for budget traveling.

On with the show…

From my Korean kitchen.

As mentioned above: tis a small kitchen. As you see me standing I can lean against the wall behind me.

But the gas stove and ingredients hiding in the cabinets work just like any other meal preparing gadgets to make magic happen.

Today’s magic is:

Egg Seaweed Toast spiced with Gunpowder and Sriracha.

Stars of the show:

2 eggs

1 packet of Seaweed

Splash of milk

2 slices of bread

Gunpowder (a southern US kitchen staple, but a smokey seasoning will do as a second best.)



Pinch of Rosemary

Cost: all in all it’s a cheap meal with endless variations. I used random things around my kitchen. I’m guessing, based on portions used, that this meal cost me under $2.00.

Le Process

I scrambled the eggs and added a seaweed packet to the pan.

Don’t do this!

The seaweed mushes and clumps together. It took me forever to separate it.

What you should do is crumble the seaweed into the beaten eggs in a bowl before scrambling.

Next, I added Gunpowder, a seasoning from the US that I got for Christmas.

Thank you dearly, family.

I used a toaster to toast the toast.

I put a tiny bit of plain organic mayo on the bread for a creamy texture that I like. It also holds the eggs on the toast for easy eating.

I topped with Sriracha and rosemary.

And then I devoured. The taste was not too fishy and not too salty. I didn’t add salt because the seaweed had enough. The best flavors to me were the hints rosemary, the smokey Gunpowder, and the creamy texture from the organic mayo. It was even tasty without the Sriracha.

Enjoy or not, tis your call.

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