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This blog is a documentary of my seven month journey abroad.

Let’s call it a logically literary log of a wander’s whereabouts.

I am Victoria. Hablo un poco español. I can read Korean, but I have no idea what I’m reading.

I spent six years in college studying my various interests: literature, language, photography, design, writing, and culture.

I am a content creator and freelance anything doer. I’ve worked in bars abroad and sold clothes to earn my dollars, colones, or wons.

Within the writings and photography of Vagabond Vida, you will discover what inspires me as a maker of things, from brews to poetry. The like minded reader will find the site to be a resource for cafes, breweries, and eateries that apply to the palette as well as the eye. Also, itineraries for city walks that showcase nature and art hidden along the streets and between the buildings of cities I encounter. I am not a luxury liver, you will not find grand hotels or expensive excursions here, but rather information on Couchsurfing and working while traveling to sustain my purchases on food and brews.

Most would use “traveler” to describe me in one word. I am, indeed, a traveler. When I can, I am living my passion of experiencing new cultures and creating new friendships.

I am doing what I love, just whatever makes me happy. I used just do what I thought I had to, or what I thought was necessary for existence. But then I started traveling, and it changed my life and opened my eyes to the life I always dreamed of living. I’m not one of those “I quit my full time job to travel” people. I’ve always traveled, always explored. Since day one, I was born this way. A stationary existence gives me nightmares, so my heart wanders about from one desire to the next.

My life is constant research of how, when, and where my next move will be and how to survive there.

This blog was originally a documentation of seven months abroad, but the months have turned into years. And many moments have passed and repassed, foreign countries are now home, and what used to be home is a foreign county.

Along my journeys, I love to eat, drink, and chat.

But I like to dig, it creates a bit more of an adventure with potential treasure at the end, so you will more than likely find me at a hole in the wall family restaurant or cozy bar tucked away up a narrow staircase. I do have an energetic side to keep things balanced, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see me wherever the crowd is or jumping out of a plane.

I tend to find love quite easily.

I love people.

The conversations I have with them; the words we talk about when language barriers break. The lifelong connections we make. When time is limited, passions and emotions rise pretty quickly. Some of the most memorable people in my life were gone in minutes or months.

Fun Fact: Quiquiriquí is cock-a-doodle-do in Spanish. Yaong (야옹) is meow in Korean.

I love places.

The interior designs of cafes and breweries always fascinate me as much as the brews themselves; each with stories to tell and browns to taste. I find joy in both, the planned and happenstance identities of breweries and cafes. I enjoy places that try very hard to create a certain imagine and maintain a very specific brand identity just as much as I find beauty in the more natural occurrences of decor. Kind of like my own work.

Some of my work is staged to the point that I waste hours trying to create perfection, and some perfection happens in a moment, a chance moment where all things candid catch my eye better than I could have imagined or created myself.

I love flavor.

The flavor of one country’s IPA versus another, never a winner. I’m either really hungry all the time or I have low standards, because I just love most things that I eat or drink; exaggerating a little here. I take advice and recommendations from people I meet, I like to see what my friends eat.

Pizzas across the world, burgers better than the States, ice desserts, rice desserts.

I love the world.

Although, love comes easily and beauty exists everywhere, it is the people, places, and eats that have lasted through my memories, the ones stamped in my brain, tattooed on my skin, and pressed into my heart, that truly mean the most to me.

You may know exactly who, where, and what my favorites are, or you may not. But they are here, somewhere in the pages of this site. All the rest, well they mean a lot as well, they brought joy to my life in some way or another, at some time or another.

To always be continued.

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