This blog is a documentary of my seven month journey abroad.


About me: I am Victoria Vida. I am a forever college student double majoring in English and Spanish with a minor in TESOL. I teach English as second language online. I am doing what I love. Most would use the world “traveler” to describe me in one word. I am, indeed, a traveler. When I can, I am living my passion of experiencing new cultures and creating new friendships.

About the blog: When I travel, I love to eat and drink. But I like to dig, it creates a bit more of an adventure with potential treasure at the end, so you will more than likely find me at a hole in the wall family restaurant or cozy bar tucked away up a narrow staircase. I do have an energetic side to keep things balanced, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see me wherever the crowd is or jumping out of a plane.

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