Allies, persons who are connected through a mutual relationship, such as friendship.

An ally with the Vagabond Vida platform would be a literary collaborator or affiliate company who benefits mutually.

More details coming soon, but basically I have noticed a lack of space in both the physical and online publishing worlds for literary travel writers.

I want to welcome creative travel writers and photographers to submit their ideas so that we can create our own publication for beautifully written travel pieces in the short story, poetry, or blog format, as well as photography with a sense of simplicity and balance in the design.

One voice is loud enough to be heard, but many voices are loud enough to make a change.

Together we can contribute art to the travel blog industry. I am requesting content that is not saturated with articles boasting measured titles.

Travel is immeasurable.

In an ever changing world, the top five cafes in London today can quickly change as tomorrow’s trends and influences are newly discovered.

Not to mention, personal preference plays a huge factor in an individual’s choices on which cafe door to open.

The intent of Vagabond Vida is to share the beauty of travel from an artistic perspective. May the stories and photographs inspire you to see the world through new eyes as you wander with us through the streets and smells that inspired us for even a small moment in time.